Modernizing Oversight: Shifting the Oversight Mindset from Checklists to High Value Risk Mitigation

When:  May 22, 2024 from 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM (CT)

With Rob De La Espriella

May 22, 2024, at 5 PM Central/ 6 PM Eastern

The modern oversight organization is one that has adapted to evolving sociotechnical work environments to better support risk management and improve safety and enterprise performance.  In this session, Deming Prize winning team member and pioneering Nuclear Quality Assurance expert Rob De La Espriella draws from four decades of experience to provide insights into how we can enhance traditional oversight programs to elevate their value proposition. 

This webinar is for you if you are:

  • Managers and executives that oversee personnel in oversight roles.
  • Oversight personnel from Quality Assurance organizations. 
  • Oversight personnel in other organizations such as Industrial Safety, Environmental Health & Safety, Security & Safeguards, etc. 

In this informative 90-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How the risk landscape for regulated industries and complex operating environments has evolved in the last few decades with emerging technologies, driving the need for modernizing our traditional oversight approach. 
  • A set of skills and strategies for shifting from checklist compliance to integrated, holistic performance assessments that will improve the proficiency and effectiveness of oversight organizations.
  • Examples of the effectiveness of modern oversight skills and strategies from the nuclear energy sector and the nuclear weapons complex.


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Deming Prize winning team member and pioneering Nuclear Quality Assurance expert Rob De La Espriella is a former US Navy nuclear submarine officer and the founder and CEO of DLE Technical Services, LLC.  Rob has a distinguished career spanning four decades leading and facilitating hundreds of audits, assessments, accident investigations, root cause analyses, and operational excellence initiatives. His clients include commercial nuclear power plants, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Department of Defense (DOD) installations, Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories, and facilities across the US Nuclear Weapons Complex.

Rob was part of the Florida Power & Light team that won the prestigious Deming Prize from Japan in 1989, the first company in the world outside of Japan to do so. Rob's extensive training includes Total Quality Management (TQM), Kepner Tregoe, Management Oversight Risk Tree (MORT), TapRoot, the Phoenix Method, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations’ (INPO) Human Performance Evaluation System (HPES), Total Quality Management (TQM), and Lean/Six Sigma methodologies. He is also a certified Kaizen Team Leader.

For over three decades, Rob has leveraged his extensive knowledge of TQM principles to develop innovative audit and assessment programs and guide improvement initiatives at nuclear utilities and DOE research institutions. As a Resident Inspector with the NRC, he received multiple awards for leading investigations into complex operational breakdowns and quality assurance program issues. During his six-year tenure as a Nuclear Site Quality Manager, his QA organization was deemed among the strongest in the U.S. by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations for repeatedly surfacing deep-rooted problems that were eroding quality and nuclear safety. Since 2007, Rob has supported executive leadership teams at DOE national laboratories and the nuclear weapons complex, targeting issues undermining asset integrity and national security. He has developed comprehensive Quality Assurance Programs and implementing procedures for U.S. corporations and Schneider Electric in Switzerland, and his transformation of the QA organization at the Yucca Mountain Project earned him DOE honors. Globally, the World Association of Nuclear Operators enlisted Rob to support QA improvement initiatives in Slovenia and South Africa. 

Rob is a regular keynote speaker at U.S. Navy conferences and has been a recurring guest lecturer at Princeton University’s Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. In 2023, Rob was inducted into the Forbes Business Council in recognition of his achievements in helping businesses enhance their safety, quality, enterprise performance and efficiency, with modern, innovative, and practical solutions.


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