Enhancing Your Voice with Intentional Dialogue to Generate Engagement & Accountability

When:  Nov 8, 2022 from 10:30 PM to 10:30 PM (UTC)
Associated with  Indianapolis Section

Join us ONLINE on November 8th, 2022 at 5:30 PM Eastern to hear Michelle Formanczyk and Maria Coupland with SA Partners as they discuss Acoustic Management - tools to enhance their "voices" to generate engagement and accountability with intentional dialog.

The way leaders talk shapes how their stakeholders think and interact, sometimes with a positive effect and sometimes with unintended and unproductive consequences. With a research-based model (using personal profiling), we work with leaders using a diagnostic tool to explore their unique dynamics and build competence in their conversations in a wide range of business interactions. SA Partners' Acoustic Management Program seeks to empower leaders to be intentional in their dialogue and own the conversation, providing a wide range of tools to enhance their repertoire ("voices") to generate engagement and accountability to improve performance.

Please register in advance for the Zoom meeting: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIkce-rrD0oE9dVNKfKxXVn0R8i9A_NOJHD

Note: The registration will say 5p but that is for set up - the meeting starts at 5:30pm Eastern.

Speaker Bios
Michelle Formanczyk

By infusing her background in manufacturing quality and continuous improvement with her passion for inspiring others to reimagine their personal best, Michelle weaves together technical skill development and human connection to create learning experiences for thousands of professionals around the globe. With 25 years of rapidly evolving professional roles ranging from supply chain negotiations and process engineering to career coaching and graphic design, Michelle doesn’t just speak on transformation and learning, she’s lived it.

As a Learning & Development consultant for a global enterprise business transformation consulting firm, S A Partners, Michelle removes friction from the process of learning to create environments where knowledge embeds and learning takes root. Michelle brings her track record of virtue, creativity, and transparent vulnerability to every event and leaves others feeling inspired and eager to try a new approach to old conversations.

Maria Coupland
Maria works as a Senior Business Consultant using her 20 years of experience in the public & private sectors to develop leaders with a particular emphasis on creating engagement to help them shape their team and organizational cultures.
She has a background in Environmental Management & Engineering and has worked with blue-chip companies worldwide. She is currently working with clients in the pharma and manufacturing industries.
In her present position, Maria is specializing in diagnosing patterns of conversations that leaders have at work. For this she draws upon researched models and methodologies to coach leaders to enhance their conversation repertoire in an individual but diverse way to improve performance and change their culture through conversations. Maria is passionate about leadership and engagement. Her focus is on helping others to deploy the right behaviors through training, coaching, and mentoring.