ASQ Boulder 2023-Apr-27 Section Web Meeting

Starts:  Apr 27, 2023 11:45 PM (UTC)
Ends:  Apr 28, 2023 01:30 AM (UTC)
Associated with  Boulder Section
Topic: Quality 4.0 Why Big Data Analysis
Cost: Free
Note: Thursday 5:45pm to 7:30pm US-MT meeting

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5:45 pm Web Conference Start: Networking, Welcome and Section Business
6:00 pm Presentation

  • Speaker: Louis Johnson, JMC Data Experts LLC

  • Topic: Quality 4.0 Why Big Data Analysis

  • Presentation Slides and Video posted after meeting

  • Abstract:
    • What is Quality 4.0

    • How big data analysis helps Quality 4.0

    • Every manufacturer has electronic databases on their product and process performance, but very few leverage this information to improve their success.

    • Several case studies on how JMC Data Experts supports Quality 4.0.

  • Sponsor: JMC Data Experts
    • After 70 years of combined experience, four Minitab trainers have joined forces to found JMC Data Experts.

    • We continue to follow our passion for motivating organizations to use data analytics to make reliable cost-saving decisions.

    • Our staff has trained thousands of engineers, scientists, data analysts and other data-driven decision-makers throughout the USA.

    • With business centers in Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Denver and Boston, we are ready to train thousands more.

    • JMC consultants have solved the toughest process control and product development problems by combining client’s engineering expertise with our data analysis skills.

    • Who couldn't use a partner in their process improvement project?

    • JMC trains engineers, technicians and researchers to make good business decisions based on data.

    • No gut feel, no hunches, just the facts based on the data.

    • Shouldn't everyone in your organization be able to make good business decisions?

  • References:
    • JMC Upcoming Classes

    • Big Data Management and Analysis - Denver CO on 5 Jun 2023

    • Statistical Analysis for Data-Based Decision Making - Denver CO on 6 Jun 2023

    • Quality Analysis for Process and Product Validation - Denver CO on 7 Jun 2023

    • Design of Experiments for Process Improvement - Denver CO on 8 Jun 2023

    • Advanced Design of Experiments and Gage R&R - Denver CO on 9 Jun 2023

7:15 pm After Presentation Networking
7:30 pm Web Conference End: meeting over

Place: Web Conference Webex

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