Roadmap to Quality 4.0 Transformation

When:  Feb 28, 2024 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Statistics Division

This presentation provides valuable insights into the Quality 4.0 transformation for individuals pursuing personal excellence to achieve their professional goals and enhance their careers.
Introduction: The presentation will emphasize the significance of creating a Quality 4.0-focused personal transformation roadmap.
Define your vision: The process of clarifying participants' visions to help them get started on their transformation will be discussed. They will be guided in identifying areas for improvement and transformation.
Assess your starting point: Recognizing that everyone's starting point is unique, the guide in evaluating skills, strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge about desired transformation will be presented.
Set smart goals. Participants will learn the importance of setting SMART goals that align with their quality-focused personal transformation.
Identify milestones and critical actions: Defining significant milestones is crucial for tracking progress and a method to identify milestones that mark their journey toward transformation will be provided.
Monitor and adjust: The need for regular monitoring of progress and adjusting, when necessary, will be emphasized. Participants will learn to remain flexible and open to refining their roadmap.
Conclusion: The presentation will conclude by emphasizing how building a quality-focused personal transformation roadmap can be a powerful tool for achieving professional goals.

Dr. Michael Mladjenovic is an experienced quality professional and university professor with numerous accomplishments in the quality field. He is also ASQ Fellow, Regional Deputy Director for Canada and Greenland, ASQ Statistics division Data Science Interest Group Chair, Certified CSSBB, CMDA, CMQ/OE, CSQE, CRE, CQA, CQE, and former ASQ Toronto Chair.