ASQ Section 0511 February 2022 Meeting: An Anatomy of a Ranger Outing: Mount Vernon and Team Effort

When:  Feb 10, 2022
Associated with  Northern Virginia Section

ASQ Section 0511 February 2022 Meeting Announcement

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

An Anatomy of a Ranger Outing: Mount Vernon and Team Effort

Conducted by Connie Broadie

ASQ Section 0511 Historian, Chair for Voice of the Customer, Secretary

Short Narrative/Description:

ASQ Section 0511 held its Section Program at Mount Vernon on Saturday, 18 September 2021. This was the Section's first Ranger Outing in quite a number of years! We had a great tour of the Mansion, an Adult Walking Tour, Lunch, and also optional Colonial Market and Fair, Tour of the Grounds, and the Museum and Education Center.

Connie Broadie is the Section's Historian, Chair for Voice of the Customer, and the elected Secretary for 2022.

Overview of the Program Content:

In this meeting's Program, she will present all aspects of an Anatomy of this Ranger Outing:

  • Connie will give floor to a number of volunteers to relate their experience of preparing this event.

  • She will describe major highlights of each phase of that event, each richly illustrated with numerous pictures we took there and historical commentary.

  • She will use relevant data from the Section's polls that she conducted as our Chair for Voice of the Customer before and after that event.

  • And, if you were with us at Mt. Vernon that day, you will be able to comment with your recollections! This Program is a unique event, the next best thing you can do to actually being with us at Mt. Vernon!

As a bonus, we hope Connie's Presentation “An Anatomy of a Ranger Outing” will inspire you to join us in person at our Section's future Ranger Outings and, perhaps, even to help organize them!

Speaker Background:

Connie Broadie is the Quality Manager and Lead Internal Auditor for SoBran, Inc. Her experience includes compliance, training, IT and Security (NISPOM). She is also an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) and an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA).

Connie has been the ASQ Section 0511 Historian since 2016, Chair for Voice of the Customer since 2019, and elected as Secretary for 2022. You have likely responded to her requests for your voice to be heard through some of our polls!