ASQ Manitoba - Webinar - Quality 4.0 and AI Inspection Techology

Starts:  Jun 29, 2022 11:00 PM (UTC)
Ends:  Jun 30, 2022 12:30 AM (UTC)
Associated with  Manitoba Section
Please join us virtually on Zoom on Wednesday, June 29 at 6:00pm CT for a webinar with Adam Bennett, Sales Director at Matroid. Adam is going to speak to us about Matroid's computer vision technology and it's application for quality in manufacturing. Specifically, he will discuss how Matroid:
  • Detects and classifies the most challenging defects (defect variations and product variations)

  • Digitalizes feedback mechanisms – Computer Vision based technology helps machines adjust in real-time and helps people adjust processes to be more effective.

  • Ensures proper assembly sequences are executed and tracked.

  • Empowers human operators to cut cycle times with visual monitoring & analytics – takt time reductions

For Adam, the last 10 years of career have been focused on development of new advanced technology and solutions leveraging 2D/3D imaging and wireless communications tailored for the worlds of manufacturing/logistics and robotics. His purpose has been to leverage the latest technologies to solve industry’s most common challenges (i.e. robotics perception, production track and traceability, and quality defect detection and classification).

This webinar is about how Matroid has taken the dramatic advancements in machine-learning and deep-learning and developed an enterprise scalable computer vision platform tailored for SMEs in industry. Manufacturer’s greatest assets are their people, and if empowered with the proper tools they make world class products. A proper computer vision platform enables production and quality teams to help prevent mistakes, catch mistakes, and get to the root-cause faster.

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