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    Posted 12/07/21 11:24 AM


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    Posted 12/13/21 09:08 AM

    I am no expert on eQMS but have created a couple of electronic QMS in SharePoint, so assuming you are starting with a blank slate, defining the “hierarchy” of the entire document management system (not just quality but all of the company processes) and using it to create the metadata, tags or labeling to organize everything and drive the end-user to find what they need would be the first and most important step, in my opinion.


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    Posted 01/14/22 01:28 PM

    We have had QT9 for a couple of years. Anything I can help you with let me know

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    Posted 03/21/22 04:50 PM

    Hi there, Were you able to find a template for it? I need to do the same for another eQMS and can use your help, if possible. Thank you

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    Posted 09/30/22 09:49 AM

    @Guiomar Meaders Hi Guiomar, did you find a template? I too am in need of a template as we are migrating from one QMS to another and a template would be greatly appreciated. thank you