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  • 1.  White Collar Blues

    Posted 02/16/23 09:02 AM

    It’s no secret that remote working is here to stay. There have been numerous articles and studies about this drastic—and now permanent—change in work environment, and its impacts on productivity and the bottom line. It is important to be aware of the changes and trends that are appearing in the workforce. Your industry is not exempt from the changes that are happening globally, and now more than ever, maintaining and establishing your value within your organization is critical.

    Read more in “Career Coach: White Collar Blues.”

  • 2.  RE: White Collar Blues

    Posted 02/19/23 11:22 PM

    @Lindsay Pietenpol hurdle So how do you maintain and establish value in your organization?

  • 3.  RE: White Collar Blues

    Posted 03/04/23 04:13 PM

    @Lindsay Pietenpol I am finding that the issues of establishing value and/or connection in remote work environments seems to often depend on the generation looking at the situation. Our older more traditional workforce are the ones saying there is an issue forr remote workers maintaining connection or creating shared values and is a challenge. My newer workforce members are so used to virtual environments they can connect to the concepts in that environment more than people realize. It's been a fascinating situation to deal with!