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Quality Management System Research Survey

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    Posted 01/10/24 01:26 AM

    Hello, Quality Progress section of ASQ! I am happy to announce that I have begun collecting data for my master's thesis focused on the education of quality management systems at the undergraduate level. If you are interested, please read below and take a few minutes to contribute to my research.


    If you currently hold a position in industry related to the management of, education on, or general day-to-day with experience in quality management systems, we would greatly appreciate your input for our research on quality management systems education in undergraduate engineering technology curricula. Your expertise matters. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes; no further involvement is required afterward. If you are interested in participating in this study, please visit the link at the bottom of this post to complete the survey. Thank you for supporting our research!

    Question: Why am I being asked to participate in this study? 

    Answer: You have been contacted to ask to participate in this study due to the position that you previously or currently hold within industry related to the field of quality management systems. Example job titles you may hold include Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, Industrial Engineer, Supervisor, Systems Analyst, Manufacturing Engineer, and Systems Engineer.

    Question: Who is conducting this study, and why?

    Answers: Rebekah McCartney is a graduate student in engineering technology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Rebekah noticed a gap in her experience as an undergraduate student in engineering technology when she was completing various internships to prepare for full-time work in the engineering field. This gap was related to the various quality management systems utilized in industry. Rebekah felt as if she needed to be more adequately prepared. After discussions with her faculty advisor and the PI for this study, Paul McPherson, they decided to quantify this gap to research how to narrow the gap for engineering technology students.

    IRB #: IRB-2023-620

    Title: Recruitment Strategy for Research Study on Education of Quality Management Systems in Engineering Technology Programs

    PI: Paul McPherson – pmcphers@purdue.edu

    Key Personnel: Rebekah McCartney – mccartn1@purdue.edu


    Rebekah McCartney
    Master's Student in Quality Engineering Technology
    Purdue University