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JIS IEC 81001-5-1 (IEC 81001-5-1) compliance

  • 1.  JIS IEC 81001-5-1 (IEC 81001-5-1) compliance

    Posted 01/11/24 07:50 PM

    Hello, I was hoping someone could advise me. If a product that is already registered in Japan still has some outstanding gaps in meeting the JIS IEC 81001-5-1 standard after the transition deadline of March 31, 2024, does that mean sales of the product must be stopped? Or during compliance assessment, can I issue a nonconformity and address identified nonconformities through the CAPA system? I am receiving conflicting feedback from the Japanese team regarding the need to halt sales, which I disagree with.

    Zane Kampenusa
    Santa Clara CA