2023 WCQI

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  • 1.  Favorite Session?

    Posted 05/15/23 02:47 PM

    Good morning all!  We are now 1 week from the sessions getting started at the WCQI 2023 event! What were your favorite sessions that you attended?  

    My top session was the workshop: Impactful Leadership for Quality.  Such great message, information and discussion!
    My 2nd top session was another workshop: Building Trust, Communication, and Respect at Work: Enhance Your Multi-Generational Culture.  Lots of great information and aha moments!  Great opportunities for conversation and information to take back to the homefront.

    What about you?  What were your top 2 or 3 sessions and why??

    Laura Hickey
    Quality Systems Manager
    Maclean Power Systems
    York SC