2023 WCQI

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  • 1.  Establishing and expanding ASQ in Africa

    Posted 05/12/23 10:39 AM

    Hello everyone!
    Attending WCQI23 has increased my desire to support the effort of the MEA geographical community to expand and impact Quality Professionals in Africa.
    Indeed, I was born and grew up in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where I worked as Quality, Safety and Operations leader before moving to USA.
    We have a lot of professionals in Africa, but they do no get the opportunities, especially in non English speaking countries, to grow and advance not only their careers but their lives.
    I would like to ask any ASQ member, originally from Africa, like me, or that lives or works in Africa to reach out and be engaged in this noble journey to support the MEA to establish and expand the ASQ influence in new countries.

    Daniel Kapuba
    CQT / CQE & CMQ-OE
    Charlotte NC

  • 2.  RE: Establishing and expanding ASQ in Africa

    Posted 05/16/23 11:48 AM

    Hi Daniel, 

    Interesting thought. I am part of ASQ and currently live and work in Kenya. I would like to connect and have a further discussion about the vision of establishing ASQ in Africa. I think the fact that the world has become a global village, it should be possible and will go along way in nurturing reliable quality professionals in the region. 

    Dominic Mwata
    Quality & Innovations Manager
    Nairobi, Kenya