Selecting an ISO 9001 Auditor
Amy Oiler
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I am starting a review for a new ISO auditor for a manufacturing company. Can anyone offer insight into considerations and means of getting good information? We're recently recertified, so we're not starting from scratch, just replacing after a retirement.

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Hi Amy,

Even for internal audits and your supplier audits, always seek auditors with credentials and experience. I would be amiss if I did not recommend, at minimum, the ASQ Certified Auditor credential. But I would suggest going beyond a certificate by looking for someone to audit who maintains their certifications with a personnel certification body such as Exemplar Global or IRCA. My personnel certification body of choice is Exemplar Global; a sister organization to ASQ. Certification as an Exemplar Global certified auditor requires ongoing audit training and/or activities to maintain the skills and abilities required for auditing. Whether you are looking for an internal auditor, supplier auditor, or third-party auditor, you cannot go wrong by selecting an Exemplar Global Certified Auditor.

I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need assistance.

Best regards,

Don Brecken, ASQ Fellow, Exemplar Global Master Auditor, and Skill Examiner

Hi Amy,

Great response from Donald. I answered this question in the Expert Answer column few years ago. Here is the publication link. You may also want to review an ISO Standard ISO 10019:2005 Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services.