UL62133 vs. CAN/CSA-c22.2 60601-1
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We have a customer who is asking about CSA certification for rechargeable batteries. We received information that the difference between UL62133 and CSA62133 is a matter of the language on the warnings. (addition of French)

After some back and forth, the customer has stated that the certification that they are asking about is CAN/CSA-c22.2 60601-1.
Does anyone know if UL62133 is equivalent to CAN/CSA-c22.2 60601-1

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Ryan Evankoā€ - thanks for joining us here & asking your question. Iā€™m not familiar with these standards, but perhaps you reach out to CSA at https://www.csagroup.org/standards/ or UL at https://ulstandards.ul.com/

I'll also tag a couple of our Canadian friends Denis Devosā€ , Puneet Manchandaā€ - could you shed some light on this question or know someone who could?
thanks all

Hi Ryan,
There is typically information on the inside covers and first few pages on equivalency and reference standards.
The two standards mentioned seem to be difefrent.

Hi Ryan Evanko,

I am not familiar with those specific standards; however, I am with CSA standards and certifications. In my experience, even if the UL and CSA standards are the same, you still need the CSA product certification/agency mark on the product to be compliant. Inspectors are very particular that the product actually have the standard stamped on the product--just having the backup info may not be enough (usually isn't).