Change in QMS scope implications for recertification
If after a certification audit, and organization broadens its scope by the addition of a new division, does the entire org need to go through a full certification audit?  Or does just the new division require a full certification audit with a surveillance audit applied for that portion of the QMS in scope during the initial certification?

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Anthony Meier
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Duke Okes
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That question can best be answered by your registrar.

However, it would likely depend on how interdependent the two organizations are.  For example, are there shared services?
Your registrar has to assess this after an application of scope change is made. 
I just went through a second expansion of scope.  Generally the process requires a definition of scope expansion to the registrar prior to the next scheduled audit, regardless of whether it is a surveillance audit or recertification audit. The registrar will assess the magnitude and impact of the change and provide specific guidance.  

While both of my scope expansions were rather involved, they were both incorporated into surveillance audits.

Each registrar has specific requirements for notification of change of scope.
Thanks all for your feedback. It is appreciated.  I apologize for my delayed response.