Defect Severity in Software Testing
Can anyone point me to a definitive standard for defect severity levels in software testing? A search of ASQ turned up tens of thousands of results, Google supplied uncounted articles, tutorials, and consulting companies, and Wikipedia has a very short page with no sources cited at all.
Where do you turn when you categorize something as Severity One?
Thank you for any help you can provide,
Ellen Gragg
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Hello Ellen Gragg‍ 

If you are interested in searching through ASQ's published magazines and journals for information on your topic, you can do that here:

I searched the phrase "software defects" and received the following results:[1293861600000,1609394400000]&rpp=40
Perhaps some information found at the link above will assist you with your information need.

Duke Okes
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Here's a website that might be useful.
IEEE 1044 Classification of Software Anomalies has definitions and related guidance.  The standard was published in 2010 and I just noticed that it was withdrawn in 2020 (  The SEI also published a software quality measurement framework in 1992 (  The Personal Software Process also has relevant guidance. 

@Ellen Gragg
There is no widely accepted norm for defect severity classification in software testing. However, Andersen's standard, can provide a useful starting point. Andersen is a software development and testing firm that has established three levels of severity: low, moderate, and high, which can be used as a benchmark.