Troubling Trend in Member Gift Bundle

Recently while accessing my November (2021) member gift bundle, I came across a paywall to view the full article:

  1. A Comprehensive View: Five Whys and Fault Tree Analysis

The link takes you to a landing page with another link “To Access the Full Document” Link to an organizational membership (Partner $6000; is the minimum membership), or the “Subscribe” Annual Member Price option is $65 Domestic (or $93 Canadian, where I live). I'm not going to buy this. But that's not my concern with this post.

I don't like ASQ's marketing approach with this bait and switch technique. As an ASQ member I enjoy having access to articles when I need them, or when something peaks my interest. As a member leader, I am always looking for ideas, speakers, and/or topics for a future meeting. My section's goal is to bring value and serve our members. In the past, I have used ASQ monthly Member Gift for this exact purpose. I have even looked forward to these links as a potential discovery trove.

So coming up against a paywall is disappointing, to say the least.

ASQ should treat it's members with respect (It's in our code of conduct; 2- Be truthful and transparent in all professional interactions and activities.) Presenting an access paywall as a member gift is dishonest, and this behaviour should be corrected immediately.

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Keith Harasyn‍ I was able to download the article with no problem, without paying, by clicking through the link you shared. I'm not sure what you did when trying to download this, but I would suggest emailing if you have difficulties and they can email you the article. I'm not sure what you mean by this being a trend. Some items are marked as samplers or sample chapters in the description, but anything listed as being free content is always free.
Trish Borzon
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Hi @Keith Harasyn

I'm sorry you experienced this. I'm not sure what's happening for you, I click on the link & it opens to the appropriate page where I could download the article after I logged in.

Could you send a screen shot?

Hi Trish,

Here is a screen shot of the first access screen:


When I click the “Subscribe” button “To Access the Full Article” I need to subscribe to the Lean & Six Sigma Review in order to read the article:


I am logged-in to my general ASQ account at the time.

Can you make sure, if I need to pay a subscription to access ASQ material, that this is clearly identified as such in the email “Need Six Sigma membership to access”. It shouldn't be the member's responsibility to sort through links to determine which ones are accessible.

Trish Borzon
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@Keith Harasyn

Thank you! That helped and we were able to see what the issue is. Try the link again - it should open for you now. You may have to refresh again though.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Hi Trish,

Thanks for your quick response. I was able to download and view the article. Sorry for sounding the alarm – I was just really concerned that the nature of the Member Gift had changed, and this greatly concerned me, since I have found the member gift so useful to use. In hindsight, I over-reacted.

All is good.