Quality software applications (interface with ERP)
Jim Nelson
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Looking for insight and feedback on quality software applications (i.e. Veeva, uniPoint, MasterControl, etc.).

A client was looking at implementing a CAR module from their existing ERP supplier, but it was very limited on features with no workflow.  The ERP system is a cloud-based sequel server database and the IT manager mentioned we need something that is "light" on the database interface (whatever that means???).

What have you experienced or worked with and what are the benefits and limitations?

Thanks for your insight!
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Jim - sorry, quick question.  What does "CAR module" mean?
We use Arena Solutions to support our entire QMS and it talks to several ERP systems.  The interface is not difficult and they have excellent support if you go that route.

I have used QT9 in the past.  https://qt9software.com/ They have more modules than some of the other ones I have research.  They have both a customer and supplier portal where those individuals can login.  It's been a while, but I believe the CAR module allows for information interchange on both ends.