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I was asked to prepare SOP procedure for inspection process in my company. Would you please advise where I can find some good materials to learn more about the topic? 

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Please check out the Inspection Division Community, here on myASQ. They have lots great members who would be able to help you. 
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You might want to mine ASQ's published literature for information on your topic. For example, I searched ASQ's Advanced Search database for articles indexed to the assigned keyword inspection.  Here are those results:

As a reminder for everyone in this forum, Professional Members (and above) have access to all of Quality Progress, Quality Management Journal, and Journal of Quality Technology.  Members at the same level also have access to articles from ASQ's other journal publications that are older than two years in age. Of course, Professional Members have access to all Open Access content, too.

For those interested in researching ASQ's Advanced Search database of literature, you'll find it here:

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It may help if you indicate what type of inspection (incoming, in-process, final, internal audits, etc.) and which industry (electronics, software, aerospace, mil, medical, agri, pharma, etc.), and product type (mechanical, plastics, etc.).   Will inspection be performed by operations or a quality assurance department?
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I thought this will be only about incoming inspection, but after presenting the draft my manager said there is more to it, so I want learn more.
We are printing company (business cards, postcards). The inspection would be conducted by Quality representative or trained employee with Quality supervision.
Guidance I received:
The intention of this document is to control and inform employees on how we inspect and the details that go along with inspection. The SOP should include:
  • A reference to the Z1.4 sampling plan
  • The explanation of Critical, Major, Minor
  • Process for incoming and final inspections
  • OK to reference suppliers process
  • Reference QC Hold and it's procedure

So far I prepared documentation part for incoming inspection, but I am not sure how to understand final inspection. Also, I am thinking to write about situations where defective material is detected during production and remaining lot# from inventory need to be checked.
I do not have much experience in the print industry (thinking what we do in Medical Device and Pharma is a bit overkill for you).

Maybe: ?

Looks like you have a good start on your SOP.  You may also need Inspection Instructions too (can be combined into one document with SOPs).
Some additional items to consider in your system:
  • Inspection environment
    • What level of lighting?
    • Is magnification required?
    • Training requirement for inspectors
  • Provide examples of common failures.
  • Samples should also include first and last item of the batch.
  • Include cleanness. Thinking I saw some cleanness inspection by TAPPI. 
  • Keep copies or photos of inspected items (in Medical Device, they often print two copies of each label, one for records).
Thinking you will need a nonconformance system.   May be able to adapt something like 8D.

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  Is it the inspection of final product? If yes, then it has to be as per customer requirement parameters and the measuring systems in use. the steps in SOP will be written on the basis it is being done for a particular product to check the conformance. We can follow Acceptance sampling plan for standard incoming products for checking.
If it is for semi finished product for stage inspection then SOP needs to be designed on the parameters we want to control so that we get the right quality of final product first time and no rejections happen.

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Thank you all for help ! Task was done successfully and was rated positively by my manager ! 
Thank you for support !