The Beginner's Guide to Problem Solving With Big Data
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Scott Sterbenz, Ford Motor Company

Area of Focus: Technology and Session Level: Intermediate

Quality practitioners new to Big Data and Big Data analysis can find it quite overwhelming. The amount of information is vast, and the expectations from management as to what can be gleaned from it can easily be overpromised. Many new Big Data practitioners don't even know where to start. What data is needed to answer the question management wants answered? Is the data needed of the correct type or even available in the Big Data set? What analysis tools can be used with the data collected? This presentation will serve as a guide for how to answer these questions in advance of the start of the problem solving task. Real world cases with Big Data will be presented to showcase how answering these questions in advance makes the Big Data task easier, more effective, and more efficient.