Issues with ASQ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt E-Learning Quizzes

I am having multiple issues with the quizzes in this course and looking for assistance.

Below is one of the key business driver matching questions. The definitions per the training and the definitions listed in the quiz are different and/or they are blended with each other.

Below is what I selected for the quiz:

Business Driver Matching Question Issue

Here is the efficiency description per the training:

Efficiency per Training

The quiz is saying that efficiency should be “Percentage of total sales in an industry generated by a particular company”, yet that is not how it is described in the training. I selected my answer because of the last “with little waste”, which match the training description.

Here is customer satisfaction per the training:

Customer Satisfaction per Training

I could see the “spoken or unspoken” keywords as listed in the quiz, but it is blended with “little waste”. I decided to choose the best fit for all the others and let this one fall to the only remaining item.

Here is the market share description per the training:

Market Share per Training

I selected “Percentage of total sales in an industry…” as my answer but the quiz wants “Property of sales for a company's product…”.

Another matching question that is showing as incorrect even though the answers are correct.

Per the training good business drivers should be:

Good Business Drivers

But when these are selected on the quiz it shows that the answers do not match the correct “good metrics” box. How am I supposed to know which “good metrics” are supposed to be selected for each item. There is nothing that describes what the numbering before the metrics is referring to.

Attribute matching

Looking for any help or direction on how to approach these quizzes in the future. I find it hard to study when the training tells you one thing, and the quiz another.


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@Joseph Basala , @Suresh Supramaniam, @Mary Beth Soloy , @Husain Ali Al-Omani - Could you please provide some insights?