Recertification credits?
Hello my fellow ASQ members. I am hoping someone can provide some guidance on this.

Regarding re-cert credits.
Being that I work for a large aircraft engine supplier I am subject to a lot of supplemental training. This comes in various forms from on-site classroom instructor lead training to remote self learning modules. All of these training sessions require testing out with a passing score. This training is recorded and test results logged.

Is there any way I can use this training towards my re-cert credits for my CQE and CQA? I've read what is available on the ASQ website but it is still unclear to me if I can use these trainings or not. These training sessions are quality specific and definitively align with the CQE and CQA BOK. I can certainly "back up" my attendance at these training sessions up with objective evidence. 

Your responses and feedback are very much welcomed.
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I have used training provided by my employer as part of my recertification in the past.  I have always treated it like an outside course and provided a description of the course and a copy of the certificate that I met the requirements and the number of hours.  Usually most company courses have the description and not always a certificate that meets the requirements.  I reached out to the instructor and she was able to provide a certificate.  Hope this helps.
Amanda Foster
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This is what the recertification journal has in reference to this subject. It looks like a certificate or letter of completion is sufficient. You could probably make one yourself and have the appropriate person sign it. I've done that for documentation regarding employment duration for RUs.

How to Claim Student RU

RU Credit:

Course Type RU Credit Example
College 1 Semester/Quarters Credit = 1.0 RU 3 credits = 3.0 RUs
Non-College 1.0 CEU = 1.0 RU
0.1 RU per hour of class
1 contact hour = 0.1 RU per hour
2.0 CEUs = 2.0 RUs
12-hour course = 1.2 RUs
2 contact hours = 0.2 RU
(in-house and offsite)
1.0 CEU = 1.0 RU
0.1 RU per hour of class
1 contact hour = 0.1 RU per hour
2.0 CEUs = 2.0 RUs
12-hour course = 1.2 RUs
2 contact hours = 0.2 RU
Home Study 1.0 CEU = 1.0 RU 2.0 CEUs = 2.0 RUs
Massive Open Online
Courses (MOOCs)
1 contact hour = 0.1 RU 2 contact hours = 0.2 RU
Category Maximum: 9.0 RUs
  • NOTE: This category is for educational courses and does not cover short-duration workshops for which participants do not receive a grade. Workshops should be included in the Professional Development category.
  • Self-paced studying/preparation does not qualify for RU credits.
  • All courses must be completed within your recertification period.
  • All courses must clearly apply to at least one area of the Body of Knowledge for the discipline (CQE, COA, CRE, etc.) being recertified OR be job-enhancing.
  • An audited course (a course that awards no academic credit) earns the same RU credit as a course taken for academic credit. Eighty-percent attendance is required.
  • College courses are those that are part of a degree program offered through university, or a technical or community college.
  • Non-college courses are those that are sponsored by a technical society other than ASQ, or sponsored by an independent consultant either through your employer or on your own behalf.
  • ASQ-sponsored courses are those offered by a section, division, or forum, or by Learning Offerings at ASO headquarters.
  • Home-study courses are offered through independent companies such as MGI.
  • If no CEU or college credits are assigned, you may claim 0.1 RU credit per hour of course attendance completion.
Documentation Required:
  • College Course: Copy of official transcript or report card showing semester credit earned, course title, and completion date
  • Non-College Course: Letter or certificate of completion from the course sponsor verifying hours, dates, and subject matter
  • ASQ-Sponsored Course: Certificate of completion or letter from the sponsor showing dates, hours, title, and assigned CEU or credit value
  • Home-Study Course: Certificate of completion showing assigned CEUs or credit value
Hi Kevin,

I agree with Gary and Amanda.  I have submitted of these types of courses on company letterhead, signed by a representative from my company and they have been accepted in the past.

Ceri Dwen
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Thank you, this question was also relevant to me.

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@Kevin Manglos
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