Recertification without Membership renewal

I noticed that the membership renewal is almost twice the amount for recertification. Is it possible to renew the certification without renewing the membership? Also, is the Recertification payment refundable if ASQ disapproved some claimed RU making it less than the minimum.

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it is easier and less expensive to renew your ASQ certifications as a member than a non-member. You also get RU for retaining your membership. If you have more than 1 ASQ certification, members can renew at a fixed “synchronized” rate, which offers greater discounts.


It can be cheaper to recertify without renewing your membership (see information below), but this advantage reduces with the number of certifications you have. Membership can appear expensive ($169), but it comes with many benefits (Individual Membership | ASQ), and these dues are sometimes reimbursed by your company.

Recertification charges:
ASQ Member: One certification is $90, and two or more certifications are $110 TOTAL
Nonmember: $130 for each of your certifications

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Clark Westerfield
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Ajit Basrur
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@Cyrus Parlan

Agree with above response in that Recertification is an easier approach. There are many ways in which you can collect the RUs. The criteria to claim RUs for each of the activity is clearly defined however reach out to ASQ if you have questions and they will explain in detail.

Best luck, Cyrus!