Webinar for RU?
Peter Chou
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Dear fellow ASQ members, I am looking for some webinars that can offer RUs. Do you know any resources? My local ASQ Section's monthly meetings involve a lot of interactions (sometimes I am eating when someone cued me to share my thoughts so it becomes quite inconvenient). Webinars on the other side is more like listening and learning. I hope I expressed myself clearly…

Also, are webinar considered as “meetings”, “professional development” or “multi media”? The biggest difference is the upper limit. If it is professional development, then limit is 9 RUs, but multi media is only 3.6 RU. Thank you.

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@Peter Chou There are many sources of webinars - some free, others have a fee. ASQ has a number of webinars/webcasts. Search on the ASQ website under ASQTV. Several sections and divisions offer online webinars - check myASQ for schedule. Quality Digest is one that offers a number of no-cost webinars each month. There are quite a few on YouTube as well - you just need to search on the topic you are interested in.

As for category, it depends. If you are watching live and can get a certificate or documentation for attending, it goes under category A, Professional Development. If you are watching post-event, such as YouTube, it goes under category I, Electronic Media. See the Recertification Journal for guidance on documentation required, which is also discussed in the Where to find RUs? topic https://my.asq.org/discuss/viewtopic/66/5177

Duke Okes
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@Peter Chou The Risk & Reliability Division has many recorded webinars you can watch and receive RUs for doing so. Their September 2022 newsletter has instructions on how to do this. You can download the newsletter at:

@Peter Chou Here are three non-ASQ sources I use for webinars and electronic media RU:

Quality Digest (https://www.qualitydigest.com/) hosts webinars generally at least once a month that may be of interest.

Gemba Academy (https://blog.gembaacademy.com/podcasts/) has a weekly podcast that would give you RU under category I, Electronic Media. They also have a small selection of videos that are free - the ones you probably want typically have a fee.

BSI (https://bsi.learncentral.com/shop/Catalog.aspx?type=3) has live and on-demand webinars.