Recertification units from webinars
 Hello everyone,
I would like to know how I can get credits, from a webinar, for my Black Belt Re-certification. The instructions in the Re-certification Journal are that I should enter the webinars in the Professional Development section, but how can I prove that I listen to the webinar?
I would appreciate the help!

Thank you!
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Amanda Foster
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This depends on the webinar. Many of the ones offered through myASQ also provide RU certificates, which very convenient. Almost every webinar I have ever participated in has at least sent an email afterward thanking me for attending. I use these emails as my recertification documentation, or proof.
Hi Amanda,

Thank you for your reply to my webinar question on how to get recognition for listening to a recorded webinar!
The webinar was part of the September Member gift offered by ASQ and I did not received any e-mail with a thank you note or credit, so far.

I will try another one and see how it goes.

I have another question related to live webinars this time and the credit recognition for the Black Belt Recertification.
Do you know if I can get recognition for participating on live webinars hosted by ASQ Sections other than the local ASQ that I belong to, in my case ASQ Long Island Section?
For example, ASQ Blue Ridge Section is hosting a series of online webinars, that I find interesting. Would I be able to get recognition for them? To me it seems that wouldn't be a problem, but I would appreciate your input on this topic.

I believe I saw your name, when I signed up for one of the webinars, which tells me that we are probably participants on the same webinars.

Thank you again, for your help!

Best Regards,

This is a good question. 

How do you get credit for listening/watching the free recorded webinars that ASQ delivers to members free each month. 

Anyone know? They do not provide any evidence of being watched, but a recorded one is as good as a live one in my opinion. 

Amanda Foster
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Cristina Oanca‍ Blue Ridge actually sends an email with the RUs so you can add directly to recertification journal. They send one for the entire month for all webinars you attended, and they send it within the first two weeks of the following month. They make it so easy!
Amanda Foster
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Mick Miller‍ things like ASQTV and other media can be claimed under the multimedia category. I am currently going through the recordings from the WCQI2018 for the sessions I am interested in but that I wasn't able to attend. I am claiming them under this category. The rules for this catagory are as follows. Hope this helps.

How to Claim Multimedia RU

RU Credit:

  • 0.25 RU per 15 minutes

Category Maximum: 3.6 RUs

  • To receive credit in this category, media must be watched or listened to for a minimum of 15 minutes. No credit may be claimed for simply adding media to a quality library.
  • Electronic media includes, but is not limited to, audio and videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, podcasts, etc. Webinars should be claimed under the Professional Development category (A).
  • The media source must directly apply to the Body of Knowledge OR be job-enhancing.
  • If the media source is part of a training package, credit would be issued under the Courses-Student Credit category (D).
  • Double credit will not be awarded for activities associated with the media source. Example: If a videotape is shown at a local section meeting, credit can be claimed either for the section meeting OR for viewing the videotape-not for both events.
  • This credit is not given for reading books, articles, or written materials.
  • Web-based and computer-based courses, degree and nondegree format, may be claimed under the Courses-Student Credit category (D).

Documentation Required:

  • A letter on company letterhead signed by your supervisor or personnel department attesting to the date(s) you viewed/listened to the media source, its title and length of time, OR a copy of the media source with the above-listed information


I've listened to audio books (media):
Lean Thinking by Jim Womack
The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership by Gary Convis, Jeffrey Liker

What should my letter look like claiming media credits, or, can I just submit a screenshot of my audible account showing it's owned and 100% finished?

-Allen B.
Trish Borzon
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yes Allen - that would work.  

If anyone needs proof from webcasts/webinars from the member gift, just let me know or contact customer care.  We'll get you what you need! 
I would be careful about listing audiobooks since the Multimedia category How To Claim states "This credit is not given for reading books, articles, or written materials."   It's a fine line.  Also note that webinars should be claimed under the Professional Development category per the instructions. My take on that is I do this if I am watching it live and generally getting a letter of participation; if I am watching a recorded webinar from the Member Gift, I claim under Multimedia as outlined below.

As to your general documentation question, I use a screenshot from the podcast or video that shows the total time, then add the date viewed and RU claimed. I have done this for two recertifications using the online recert journal and have not had any issues or feedback from the Recertification group that this is not acceptable.