How to claim RU for Malcolm Baldrige Examiner?
Ajit Basrur
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I wanted to know if I can claim RUs for the completion of Malcolm Baldrige Examiner training and any activities towards the review of applicant submissions?

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Duke Okes
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I'm sure you can for the training. Just submit a copy of any certificate or letter from the training provider.

Probably also for the application reviews, since that is volunteer work supporting quality in the community. However, not sure what category it will fit in or what evidence to provide.

I suggest that you call ASQ HQ at 800-2481946 and ask to talk to someone in the certification department about the best way to claim RUs for this work.
Trish Borzon
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these activities can be claimed at 0.1 RU per hour under professional development. Anything that is a formal course could be claimed in the courses section.