Where to find RUs?

Hello. I'm fairly new here - this may be a little premature, but I sit for my CQM/OE exam in just a couple of weeks. I read here that you could start to add credits even before a certificate was awarded. However, I cannot locate any place where RUs were awarded. Is there not a central “RUs claimed” data point within our account system? Is this something we need to keep up with manually? I know I've attended some webinars and would like to go ahead and add these credits if possible - so I'm wondering if I need to go back through my emails for the confirmation.

And if they are NOT listed anywhere within our account status, I wonder why that is.

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So, to follow up with this… in hopes someone will reply, I'm still having some trouble with the recertification journal. Specifically, when I access member gifts I'm not sure how to claim the RUs indicated on that item. For example, if I watch a webcast (that is linked from the member gift description straight to YouTube) then what is the evidence needed to upload? There's no option to include a file path. Does it go under Professional Development? If so, the evidence required there is not available. Evidence required for that is defined as:

Proof of Attendance: Name badge, attendance roster, sign-in sheet, certificate of completion, or travel voucher, PLUS Activity Description: Program guide, outline, description, or schedule verifying dates or number of hours.

But how do you get that from a YouTube video?

I have searched for answers but clear instructions how to claim various types of RUs within several categories and they do not seem to exist. It is very confusing.

Thank you.

Now I am facing the same issue, the most efficient way should be making calls and asking for help. Good luck.

Your journal is the best guide to help you build the points you need for recertification. Consider joining your local ASQ leadership committee for credit. Teaching and student credits work as well. Good luck.