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I am renew my certificate this year. I need help collecting my attendance and credits for the meetings from the Phoenix Section. Do they send out slides and certs for the RU credits like the Web Seminar? Please advise where I can get that information or who I should contact. Thanks!
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Trang Nguyen‍ -thanks for joining us here.

Robert Mitchell ‍from the Phoenix section can help.

The ASQ Phoenix Section automatically collects
attendee name and email upon registration to our monthly Program meetings and other events. Our VOC Chair sends out a satisfaction survey link and RU certificate along with a Thank you letter to each attendee.

As an attendee you should have received your RU certificates as an outcome of our existing electronic/ digital process.

What time period are you looking for RU certificates from? I can search our records to verify your Phoenix program attendance.

Bob Mitchell
Section Chair
thanks Trish Borzon
Hi Robert Mitchell‍,
Thanks for the information. I'm not sure if anything was sent out but I attended the May 13 meeting.

The RU certificate for attending the May 13, 2021 Program meeting (MIND Framework to engage teams) was emailed to all attendees on Friday, May 14. If you did not receive a cert from our VOC Chair, John Lindland, please feel free to contact him at

Section Chair

Thank you, this question was also relevant to me.

@Robert Mitchell Do you have a pdf or other format of the form that the VoC sends out as verification for the attending members to record and submit for the RU's attended? Can you forward to me so I can send to me section members that are attending the metings?