Recertification Courses
Hello, this is my first recertification and I am looking for courses that are ASQ acceptable which I can use to advance my knowledge and also collect RUs. Does anyone have a recommendation? 
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Naama Courtemanche‍ - Welcome to myASQ.  Any training courses or conferences from ASQ would qualify, of course. We also offer webinars from the monthly member gift which do apply.  And the technical communities host several webinars throughout the year.
Hope this helps
Tami New
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Hi Naama:
In addition to courses, be sure to attend section meetings as they will give you 0.5 RUs.
Since section meetings are virtual, you don't have to just attend sectio meetings in your geography..
They are visible in myASQ if they are considered public.
Hi Tami, thank you for the information but I’m having difficulty finding section meetings in my ASQ. I would like to attend events that have some credit as well since I need my recertification units. Can you tell me how to navigate to find section meetings that I can attend? Thank you
Hi Tami - do I need to be an ASQ member to attend these and claim credit?