CEUs and RUs
I am working on my recertiifcation and I see that under professional development it states the following:

I take this to mean that if I get a certificate from a seminar event that states CEUs, I translate that directly to RUs because it says at he top "1.0 CEU = 1.0 RU"

I've asked a couple of different people at ASQ and I get answers agreeing with this and also answers saying that I should use the 0.1 RU/hour rule.  It says in the clip only to do this if you do not have anything that documents CEUs.

What do you guys think, and what have you done for your recertifications?
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Duke Okes
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Follow the instructions as they state.

1. Use direct CEU to RU conversion (1=1) if given.  2. If CEU is not given use 1RU/contact hour.
Trish Borzon
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Hi Holly Nutter‍ - yes.  Duke Okes‍ is correct.  If you are earning CEU's, it's 1 CEU, that equated to 1 RU.   For other training opportunities that do not grant CEU's, you would measure it by 0.1 RU's.  
Hope this helps