Savings From Synched Recertification and Early Renewal Promo Code
Daniel Zrymiak 169
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ASQ Members who have multiple ASQ certifications to renew can save money by remaining in ASQ and synchronizing the recertification applications.

Fees to recertify by journal/application:


ASQ Member

ASQ Non-Member

1 certification



2 or more certifications


$89 total

$109 each

The benefit of synchronization increases with each additional certification held. While members have a maximum charge of $89 for all of their certifications, non-members must pay $109 for each additional item.

ASQ members wishing to recertify can save even more money if they renew their membership early (32 days or more in advance of expiry).

If you renew your ASQ membership early, you will receive a special discount on an ASQ product.

  1. Save $100 on an instructor-led, face-to-face training course or on a registration to the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement, the ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference, or the Quality 4.0 Summit.
  2. Save $30 on a virtual (online, instructor-led) or web-based (online, self-paced) training course. 
  3. Save $69 on ASQ recertification fees.
  4. Save 25% on an ASQ Quality Press book.
I have used this benefit.  An alphanumeric Promo Code is given and reduces the $89 charge to only $20 for a 3 year duration (less than $7 per year).

Assuming a $159 annual membership fee ($477 in 3 years), the savings of member vs. non-member recertification costs makes the member value very evident.  For example, a member with 4 certifications (i.e. CQA, CQE, CMQ/OE, CSSBB) would pay $20 with all discounts, compared to a non-member who would be charged $436.  The $416 savings recovers 87% of the membership dues, demonstrating excellent member value and incentive for continued membership and professional involvement.

Members who renew their ASQ membership and certifications early and often benefit professionally and financially.

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Lisa Valle 1279
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Hello Dan, Thank you for sharing. Keep in mind the RCRT69 can not be used online. They can email their application or mail it in.
Lisa Valle
Awilda Knopes 127
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Hello Mr. Zrymiak,

You can email the journal to List the Recert code RCRT69 on the payment information section.
Or fax it to 414-272-1247 for faster processing.
Awilda Knopes
ASQ Customer Care
Daniel Zrymiak 169
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Hello Awilda, Lisa, Customer Care:

I am pleased to report that from your encouragement, I renewed my annual ASQ membership at RENEW02 notification, and Kyle from Customer Care was kind enough to confirm my eligibility for the Early Renewal Promo Codes. yes

Thank you for your conscientious and supportive interactions.  It is very helpful for member engagement, and reinforces my loyalty as a long-term member.
Amanda Foster 1083
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Fascinating information that I never connected before! I will look into synchronizing with my CQA once I pass the CMQ/OE exam. Thank you for sharing, all of you!