Sincere Gratitude for Convenient and Efficient ASQ Recertification
I would like to thank ASQ for its updated processes and integrated technology solutions, which enabled a very convenient and efficient experience and positive outcome for the renewal of my multiple ASQ certifications.  Lisa Valle‍  , Michael Byrnes‍  , and the Customer Care team should be extended due credit from William Troy‍  , Jim Templin‍ , and Trish Borzon‍  for this endeavor, which adds a very positive element to the ASQ Individual Membership experience.

In other posts, I have regaled others about my fond and admiring recollections of ASQC's traits from two decades ago.  In this context, I must humbly acknowledge and stand corrected that the current ASQ practices for recertification are superior to those I first experienced in 2001.  Way back then, the process to renew ASQ certifications was a laborious and intensive administrative exercise.  I recall having to prepare photocopies and provide a locally-based Recertification Chair, an ASQ volunteer, with a binder filled with my credentials and achievements.  After his careful review, he would send this package to the ASQ HQ for evaluation and approval.  The combined efforts to prepare, consult, and wait for the positive outcome took weeks and hours of deliberate effort.  It had all of the emotional distress of a tax audit, a job interview, and a travel visa application, so I can empathize with the 30-40% of members who let their certifications expire rather than undertake such a cumbersome effort to renew.

In contrast, the process in 2019 was available and convenient and able to be completed within 3 business days.  Because the ASQ IT system is integrated, thanks to Craig Walker‍  and his technical teams,  the information pertaining to my ASQ membership and attendance at annual ASQ conferences was already tracked and available.  (I will still keep my collection of conference badges and supplemental ribbons). The online process for uploading was reliable and capable of accepting objective evidence in multiple formats.  The stress and delays are removed, and ASQ contacts were very accommodating and supportive.

As an early adopter, I was probably more "high-maintenance" than most members with my questions and requests for updates.  I appreciate that Customer Care agents were quick to respond and reassure me that my application was in progress, and that my transaction was accepted.  I will fill out one of the survey items with very positive feedback.  This is definitely a success story for the Society, and a positive example of how IT, Customer Care, Membership, and Certification teams jointly collaborated to generate and deliver a tangible Individual Member benefit that will enable and encourage Net Promoters and long-term member retention.

As for member value, the cost advantage of synchronizing 7 certifications, instead of renewal each individually as a non-member, was (763-89 = $674).  Distributed over a 3 year period, that averages $225/year, which actually exceeds the $159 annual dues.  Consequently, the savings from synchronized renewals is so evident that I can't afford NOT to be an ASQ member. 
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Dan, thanks very much for your positive words about the team.  While we often hear about our shortfalls and opportunities for improvement, we don't hear as much about the things that are going right.  The improvements you mention are the result of their hard work.  Your support means a lot to us, Dan, and I sincerely thank you. 

All the best,
Bill Troy  
Amanda Foster
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The recertification dashboard is a pretty nice addition as well. I agree, the new online streamlined recertification represents significant improvement on the certification holder's end.

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