How do you use videos you have watched for recertification
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Duke Okes
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I believe the recertification journal gives guidance on the type of evidence required for each category used for RUs
Amanda Foster
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Keith Gardner‍ this is straight out of the Recertification Journal instructions.

How to Claim Multimedia RU

RU Credit:

  • 0.25 RU per 15 minutes

Category Maximum: 3.6 RUs

  • To receive credit in this category, media must be watched or listened to for a minimum of 15 minutes. No credit may be claimed for simply adding media to a quality library.
  • Electronic media includes, but is not limited to, audio and videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, podcasts, etc. Webinars should be claimed under the Professional Development category (A).
  • The media source must directly apply to the Body of Knowledge OR be job-enhancing.
  • If the media source is part of a training package, credit would be issued under the Courses-Student Credit category (D).
  • Double credit will not be awarded for activities associated with the media source. Example: If a videotape is shown at a local section meeting, credit can be claimed either for the section meeting OR for viewing the videotape-not for both events.
  • This credit is not given for reading books, articles, or written materials.
  • Web-based and computer-based courses, degree and nondegree format, may be claimed under the Courses-Student Credit category (D).

Documentation Required:

  • A letter on company letterhead signed by your supervisor or personnel department attesting to the date(s) you viewed/listened to the media source, its title and length of time, OR a copy of the media source with the above-listed information
During my recent recertification, I entered one item claiming all the multimedia together. The documentation letter signed by my manager had all the details of the individual videos and podcasts. It was a lot easier than entering each individual video or podcast and uploading the same document (I listed 32 items). I used the date of the last item for the date in the journal.

I mostly used some of the monthly ASQ monthly member bundle webcasts, Gemba Academy podcasts and Juran Institute videos.  An hour a month for three years will get you the maximum of 3.6 RU.


Peter Stamps, ASQ CMQ/OE, ASQ CQA