Adding a Certification helps a lot with Recertification
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Adding a Certification helps a lot with Recertification.

With a tag line like that, you may now be thinking what is the hook here.  Well, this is a shameless pitch that if one Certification has helped you in your career, more certifications will help even more.  I am not suggesting that you get certifications that you are not really qualified for even though you might be able to pass the exam.  I am encouraging that you get the relevant certifications to what you do.

Maybe you work on Reliability & Risk in your career...

Become a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE)
If you are a reliability professional, I encourage you to become a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE), which is one of the certifications offered by ASQ.  If you look into it, you will see that the CRE covers the wide body of knowledge of Reliability and that Reliability Engineers with a CRE earn more on average that those without it.  That's nice.
As a hiring manager, when I am looking to hire a Reliability Engineer, I normally require that candidates either have their CRE or will commit to earning their CRE after being hired.  What this means is that if you are a Reliability Engineer, you have a better shot of me considering you as a qualified candidate if you have your CRE, but I also acknowledge that there may be good candidates whom I should consider who do not have the CRE.
Having the CRE alone does not guarantee that you are a good candidate or that you are a good Reliability Engineer, but it does tell me that you have a fairly wide understanding of Reliability concepts and you have put forth extra effort in furthering your professional standing, which does count for something in me evaluating you as a candidate.

If you are someone who is good at taking exams, I do advise that you not try to get your CRE without actually being a practicing Reliability Engineer or spending a good amount of your work day on Reliability tasks.  I have other interview questions that will screen you out if you are not an actual Reliability Engineer - wink!

Here are some useful links to get started…

General information about the CRE

The CRE Handbook which is a good study guide

The ASQ Reliability & Risk Division website where you can find various CRE Body of Knowledge topics to help study and understand more.
and our saved webinars on vimeo
Good Luck!