Road to Recovery....Mass Vaccination
Hello All. As a member of the Healthcare Community of ASQ, I am interested in getting thoughts on one of the potential ways we can get on the road to recovery- vaccinations. I saw today in the news that all states are expanding their current eligibility criteria for vaccination. Although supply is still a constraint, I think many are hopeful that more will be available soon.

I've seen some concerning articles where people were injected with empty syringes or monoclonal antibodies instead of vaccine. I worry as people rush to meet demand that key parts of the process and controls may be missed. I also think about how large of a community we have and that there are probably already some lessons learned and tips that can be shared.

I've started a discussion post in the Healthcare Division community to get such input on mass vaccination sites:
Healthcare Division Discussion Board

I encourage all of you to share your thoughts!
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Margot Wilson‍ - I'm getting mine today and I couldn't be happier. I'll post again after I go through the process. A friend had his yesterday & was in/out in about 1/2 hour! Since we now have the National Guard working the main station I think it's going much smoother. We just didn't have as many people in the public health department to effectively run the site for demand. My husband had his about a month ago & it took a few hours.
Trish Borzon
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Hi Margot Wilson‍ - my experience was FANTASTIC! it was very efficiently run. We have the national guard assisting, which staff indicated has increased the speed and length of time open. Even open on Sunday!
Even though I had to wait 30 minutes (at higher risk for allergic reaction), I was in and out in a bit less than 1 hour. So happy to be on my way.
My hospital organization is a vaccination hub, so it has organized mass vaccination events (mostly drive thru) and the employees (clinical and non-clinical) have supported and manned the stations. We also have ongoing vaccine clinics in our many facilities. Our registration process is all online and are all running smoothly now. We are now vaccinating 50 yo and above. I think the strategy is to make the vaccine available to all who would like to have it.

I am concerned about those who are on the fence about getting the vaccine because they have unanswered questions. The challenge is how do we deliver the information and answer their questions so they can make the appropriate decision.
Helen Tran
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Thank you Margot for your initiation on this very relevant and important topic!
Hope to share and leverage best practices with peers on this!

Helen Tran