How are your organizations managing quality in crisis?
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“Quality is everyone’s responsibility” now means more than ever.........Absolutely !


Its been tough road here in Kenya. The face to face meeting has been challenged. We are in the Internal Audit month.

The opening meeting is conducted virtually where auditees interact with auditors. Advantage is that with the kind of Multi-site organisation like ours, more people are able to participate as they dont need to move form their site location

The auditors have to meet additional criteria of vaccinations and observing Covid-19 protocols. In 2019, we had carried out a simulation of major business disruptions, but we never thought it was this close. Being a critical national facility, we could not close our doors even for a day.

The first audit last year was virtual. Auditees used cameras to show evidences to auditees as the others followed online. But things have improved with vaccinations and auditors are able to move around. Auditees have to be vaccinated to reduce vulnerability.

Risk based auditing requires that we demonstrate the lessons learnt due to Covid-19. This is capture in the documentation both as a risk and as a source of risk. Work environment and infrastructure has been greatly modified as a result.

In all these, QMS positively taken has resulted in facilitating establishment of the changes needed to ensure we achieve our objectives in a changing environment. Our top management have embraced the challenging environment and based on the existing structures designed to coordinate major business disruptions, they have steered the business through safely. The commitment has been evident. The top management has met every week for an hour from March 2020 to deliberate the state of affairs in regard to Covid-risks and its impacts.

Patrick Gikunju

Quality & Safety

A digital audit was performed for the first time in the previous year. Auditors were able to see the evidence being presented thanks to the use of cameras, while the rest of the team followed along online. Vaccinations, however, have made things better, and the auditors now enjoy freedom of movement. In order to lessen their susceptibility, auditees need to be immunized.

Auditing based on risk necessitates that we show how we've improved as a result of what we learned from Covid-19. This is recorded as a risk and a potential risk generator. Because of this, the office setting and infrastructure have undergone significant changes.