Online Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification
I am interested in getting six sigma green belt training and certification online.I have gone through the available trainings and they all seem to be done in USA. Is there a purely web based platform to get this, and if yes, how effective is it?
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Joe Wojniak
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Hi- most web based training will cover the basic topics, however training targeted to the particular exam will be most helpful.  I took a web-based class through the ASQ Nebraska Section & Bellevue University for the CMQ/OE certification exam.  The online class time and homework helped to keep me on track and I passed the certification exam. 
A component of the CSSxB certifications are the required projects.  Be sure to review the project requirements for the CSSGB exam that you are preparing for.  Also consider taking the CSSBB instead, because there are only incremental differences between CSSGB and CSSBB with distinct advantages to achieving a CSSBB.

Note that ASQ certification exams are computer based and given at regional training centers.
I took and passed the CSSGB exam in August of this year. My honest suggestion to you is to buy and study the ASQ CSSGB handbook if you haven't already. 

If you already have a good foundation in quality you won't need to look for further training. The handbook is plenty. Remember the handbook can come with you into the exam. If you feel that you really do need more training by all means please pursue that. I am just giving you options. 

I passed the exam without problem or any other training materials aside from the handbook. Keep in mind I am also a CQE so many of the CSSGB concepts are already in the CQE BOK. 

Good luck with your exam. Breathe easy you'll find it isn't very difficult.

Hi Kevin Manglos,

Congrats on passing CSSGB!
I would like to ask you 2 small questions if you can please assist
- As you mentioned you are CQE, for me, I am a CPHQ (Certified professional in healthcare Quality - NAHQ) where some of the concepts are similar to CSSGB. How much that knowledge can be helpful in passing this exam?

-2ndly, How was the calculations in the exam? I have read many threads and posts here but unfortunately can not find anything about the actual exam, so maybe you can elaborate a little.

Thank you Already.