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Hi There. This is Mahesh from India. I recently took my ASQ membership. I am looking for information on how to prepare for ASQ-CQA certification and are there any reference materials (apart from Book,) like previous exam question banks, study material, any other references, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Mahesh,

The Quality Council of Indiana sells a book of exam questions and an answer key as well as an interactive test CD. Both are excellent.

Best of luck!

Scott Berman
VOC Austin 1414

@Mahesh More I agree with Scott. I used Quality Council of Indiana Resources to prepare for my CSSBB exam. Great Resources and they also had a great practice questions bank!

@Mahesh More I would not recommend the Quality Council of Indiana materials. I used them to prepare for the CQA and the taxonomy level didn't match so I wasted a lot of time in my preparations. ASQ offers both a handbook and a question bank. Here is a link to the handbook -

The question bank is here -

I agree with Scott. I used the Qualoty Council of Indiana materials for my CQA and CQE and they were very helpful.

@Mahesh More
When I took my CQA exam in 2011, I found the Quality Council of Indiana CQA primer helpful as well as ASQ's CQA Certification Preparation course, the ASQ Auditing Handbook (J.P. Russell, editor), and Quality Audits for Improved Performance (by Dennis Arter).

Email me at, and I will send you a copy of the Quality Progress article I wrote about preparing for the exam as well as copies of the documents I used to plan.