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Hello folks,

I wonder about your experience taking remote exams using Prometric's ProProctor. I am reading some horror stories, and I am a bit worried.

Thank you 😊.

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I appreciate the effort you put into learning and sharing such good contexto game and interesting new information. Thank you so much for that and I will share what I read with my friends. fall guys

I tried 3 separate times to take the CQA exam online with Prometric and was unable to access the exam due to different issues each time. I finally took the exam (and passed!) in person at a Prometric proctored exam site.

I took the CSQE exam remotely last year.
Overall, I was satisfied and I found the tutors quite professional and kind.
If I decide to go for further certifications, with no doubt I will choose the same modality to take the corresponding exam.

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Francesco De Angelis

@Francesco De Angelis

What about entering complicated Algebra Equations using the “scratch pad”. How can you work out a formula without being able to write it. Can you write your equations on paper when taking the test remotely?

@Pablo Lebed
I tried for 5 hours to take an exam remotely without success. It was the most frustrating experience. During that time, I tried 3 different computers; 2 at the office and one at my home. I had to reschedule the test for 2 months later and will do it in person.

I am reading report about issues with the exams. I myself have experienced an issue where the root of it was that I had paid for one exam but they administered another. The issue was easily fixed in three emails and I was able to pass the exam online. (I prefer to take remote exams)

The standards during the remote exam (its been a year) are that you are allowed at least one text book, one pen, and 2 scraps of notepaper to resolve or note something for later. A scan of the test room is performed as you maneuver your camera around the room to show you are not cheating. They ask to see the four corners of the room behind the computer and under the seat and desk. There is also no talking. This is something I had to learn to do as I read questions out loud for understanding. (an old sales trick so that a customer can understand that they have been heard)

Dale Gamboni
You are allowed 2 scrap sheets of paper and any type of calculator as long as it is not a graphing calculator. ProPoctor's literature says none of these are allowed in general. However, there is a note in their literature that says: "Note: Client/test sponsor [ASQ] practice policies shall supersede these regulations if a conflict exists." After taking several exams remotely, I believe the representatives make a concession so that ASQ members may have a list of certain items that we are allowed to bring with us."

Jill Redding
I am sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. If you have passed their system check...:
"Before installing the ProProctor application, you should run a System Readiness Check. This check confirms whether your computer can install and run the ProProctor application so that you can take your exam."
Apart from an internet issue with slow or spradic connectivity, I don't know what could have happened. They do request to "...not have your laptop connected to a docking station anytime during the setup [or taking] of your exam." They also ask that "we plug our device directly into a power source, unattached from a docking station." Failure to follow this guideling can cause connectivity issues.

All in all I have had good experiences with the remote side. please keep this going. Maybe even perform a 5 Why on what went wrong to better understand how THEY could get better. ;)

@Shawn Varela, Hi Shawn, I simply want to be sure I understand and first thank you for your reply. If I take the exam at home or at work, I am allowed (2) scrap sheets of paper. Can I use both sides of the paper and am allowed to erase solved equations and continue using the scrap paper. Can you please point me to where you found this information?

FYI, I simply cannot take the CQE exam at home if I am not allowed to write out and solve algebraic equations.

@Dale Gamboni
I have some information which I found here:

Under the first bullet point called “Remote Testing FAQs”, a link to download a PDF called Remote Proctoring FAQs can be found.

Remote Proctoring FAQs.pdf (Just in case the link does not work)

If you go to page 3 of the PDF you can find some answers in the 2nd question as well as in the last paragraph on the page.

I hope this helps.
(Oh, and I am available for Technical Witing/consulting for all of your SOP needs)

@Dale Gamboni
My experience with the Prometric remote proctors is that you should expect them to be completely unreasonable. For example, they would not allow me to have my two sheets of regular binder paper for my exam. The rules say you can have two sheets of blank paper and my binder paper had thin blue lines and a red line at the left margin, like all standard binder paper. So they did not consider it blank. Absolutely absurd! I had to end the call, go find some blank printer paper, and then do the whole dance of turning out my pockets and using a mirror to look behind the laptop etc. all over again.

It was a horrible experience and I will never pursue another ASQ certification just because of the Prometric experience. Btw, I have 4 ASQ certifications as well as certs from other organizations.

@Pablo Lebed

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