I Passed My CMQ/OE Exam and here's my takeaway

I've recently sat for the November period of the Cmq-oe exam. I originally sat for the exam in March and did not pass.

Following the Unsuccessful attempt, I purchased the CMQ study bank which included 3 sets of practice tests which included a 150 scored questions in each set and 165 questions in total. The study bank is actually great for finding your weak areas As you can use the study bank as a study guide or as a timed practice this test. On the study guide portion it will break down all 7 sections and these subsections so like 3A, 3B, 7A. So I really liked it for that purpose as it allowed me to see where I was struggling in my understanding. Now for the downfall I do not feel like it adequately prepares you for exam questions. I honestly didn't feel like anything translated from the study bank questions to the real exam questions. So my advice on that would be not to get hung up on that this is what the exam will look like.

Now what I do wholly recommend is outside resources. I found that my biggest weak area was supplier and supply chain questions. That's just not something I typically deal with in my line of work and so I did pick up the ASQ supply chain management primer. I use that to supplement the CMQ Handbook by ASQ. So I use that as a supplemental resource to help bolster that supply chain and supplier certification knowledge.

Another supplemental material I used was the handbook for quality management, A complete guide operational excellence. Again, I used this to bolster some of the points that I wasn't quite grasping very quickly or that I didn't have a firm grasp on understanding applicability.

Lastly, I used a bunch of online free practice quizzes. I mean I had at least 5 or 6 different websites that I was using to test my knowledge a couple of times a week maybe I would do them. Some were huge 1 was 200 questions And I would do between 30 and 50 A-day.

I really recommend giving yourself time. If this is not a field that you are predominantly working in and you really want to get more hands on in it than I would recommend giving yourself an adequate amount of time to digest this material, to understand how to apply this in real world scenarios, and to really understand the basis of quality management.

Feel free to ask me anything. I'm more than willing to share what I know.

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@Darshea Allen-Harriel

@Darshea Allen-Harriel, I am planning to CMQ/OE exam in feb 2023. I purchase CMQ question bank and self study only learning material along with CMQ book. Is this enough to pass the exam. I am working in Quality for more than 10+years.

For most people no. In my many years now teaching this course and those similar, the best practice for the exam is surprise practice taking past exams with sample questions like those u will encounter. After taking 5-7 or so u will find that u scores have increased up to a point then leveled off if this is at > 85% then u will pass most probably.

@Darshea Allen-Harriel
Congratulations!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. I recently passed the CQE exam. I started out studying the exact same way as you described and felt a little overwhelmed by using only the ASQ material. So, I strongly agree with you that it is very important to find other resources to help you prepare for the ASQ exams that will give you the greatest chance of success. In my case I found Andy Robertsons CQE Academy which helped me tremendously. Andy breaks down his course following the BoK into manageable and understandable sections. His practice tests and exams are great for testing your understanding of the material and are great study guides. Anyone who is sitting for either the CQE or the SSGB exams, I would strongly suggest taking his courses. Andy also announced last week that beginning sometime next year he will be offering courses for SSBB and Quality Auditor, so check him out.

@Darshea Allen-Harriel