CMQ/OE - Study Groups

Would like to crash any study groups for my upcoming test! Let me know if anyone gets together in the Houston/Beaumont TX area or has a lead on helpful resources. Thanks!

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Jenna Gay
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I have just started studying. When is your exam? I would be interested in getting together with other quality professionals taking the exam in the future even if informal and us bouncing questions off each other.

Jenna Gay
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I am in Wisconsin, so virtual study sessions was what I was referring to, to clarify.

I too am studying. I'm working on building my external resources and notes. I'm happy to join a virtual group. I'm based in Dallas.

I've started really slow, but willing too much.

I am in Florida if someone have a virtual study group I would like to join it. I suggest you CQM Primer Council of Indiana

@Tamara Grumbles
Hello Tamara,

Just wondered if you've taken the test and if you were able to meet with other quality professionals in Houston area.

@Jenna Gay
Hi Jenna, I am new member of ASQ and Planning to attempt CMQ/OE, Total 10 Year of Experience in field of Quality, Currently working with Parsons Saudi Arabia.

Wagdi Ali
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I’m interested to study with your group

@Tamara Grumblesi am also interested dto join such group , please advise how we can start such initiative i plan to get nov test window

@Reza Nazemi I did not. I found most of the reference books through second hand stores and purchased a new handbook. I studied and purchased the CMQ/OE Question Bank through ASQ Learning.