Case study in Actual CQA exam?
Peter Chou
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Hi everyone, the case study in ASQ exam bank for CQA was horrifying. It was a 10 page pdf document followed by 2 questions. And there were 3 sets of case study in the CQA bank (so total of 6 questions).

It would be a disaster to read 3 10 page documents in order to answer 6 questions.

For the real CQA exam, would the relevant information from each case study be included in the question, or will it be a 10 page pdf for each case study?

Also, how many case studies will be in the actual CQA exam?

Thanks a lot.

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HI Peter:
When I took the exam in Dec 2020, I believe you had to review the info in the PDF/find the info in the PDF to answer the question. In my particular case, as I spent more time on the exam, I had about 10-15 minutes for the case study and literally submitted my last answer when the clock went 0:00.

I see you've had a few questions on here – I'd recommend to review the book and I also took Sandeep Kumar's Udemy course (which really is a great complement to the book but goes into a little more detail on a few of those statistical concepts) and if you have the chapters marked with a sticky note, etc. that'll help you know where to review the info.

The question bank also helped. I think once I tried a few times I got the hang of it and was able to answer questions correctly.

Thank you and good luck!