CQA 5 th edition of Coleman Vs 4th edition of JP Russel

I am preparing for the ASQ CQA exam rigorously , i have been prepared form JP Russels book , now i saw that Coleman 5 th edition is too there.Shall i continue with JP only or need to procure Coleman's handbook. Please, would like to know.

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Hello, Mr. Chinchalkar,
Although you don't indicate which of JP Russell's books you are referencing, none of his titles address preparing for the CQA exam quite like the ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Handbook, Fifth Edition.
I would highly recommend purchasing the printed copy from the Quality Press bookstore website. Remember, you may use the printed copy for reference during the exam--you cannot use an eBook copy.

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Hi Ravi, I sure understand what you mean. Although Russel is the editor for the 4th edition and Coleman for the 5th, I'm not sure who's the editor for the CQA question bank. Ideally Coleman should be given the opportunity to update the question bank when the 5th was coming out. But that doesn't seem like the way it's happening. The current question bank for CQA still makes references to the 4th edition of Russel not the 5th edition. Just completed the certification process recently. Good luck!

HI I just completed the CQA Certification Prep course and we used the Lance Coleman 5th edition. I'd say purchase it. Good Luck.

Ravi ji I am also preparing for the CQA Exam. Please feel free to connect with me on 9172374560.

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I just passed the ASQ CQA exam not long ago, I recommend you to buy Coleman's manual, it will help you more. slope unblocked mapquest driving directions