Exam result for CMQ/OE
Since computer base testing started we get exam result same time.
Since CMQ/OE has essay section, does anyone know how long it take to get exam result? Also I like to know if essay section paper pencil or participant have to use computer.
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Amanda Foster 1083
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Hi Yogini Patel‍,

I don't know the answer, but I am taking the CMQ/OE soon as well and would like to know the same things. Hope there is someone out there that can advise us!
Hey guys. I just took that exam. It is all computer based, including the essay portion. No pencil/paper. You are allowed to use reference materials during the multiple choice part, but not the essay portion. 
Amanda Foster 1083
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Hello Michael Harter‍, 

Thanks for the info. Any other advice you can share? How did you prepare for the essay portion? Any surprises or unexpected issues?

Hello Amanda Foster, 

The best way to prepare is to get at the very least a broad understanding of all of the topics covered in the body of knowledge. They do ask questions taken from each section, so while you don't need to know everything, you need to have at least a basic understanding.

I took an online course offered by ASQ and it had sample essay questions to review, as well as an explanation of what the test scorers would be looking for in a "good" response. On the test there are three essay questions, each one represents a selected area from the body of knowledge. You only have to answer 2. This is another reason to have a broad understanding of each section of the BoK because you don't know which sections will appear in the essay questions. 

I hope this helped!
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Yes, that does help. I think I just need to study more, especially the BoK sections that I don't regularly apply in my daily work. Just out of curiosity, what was the name of that online course? I have been using the question bank, but I think that only prepares you for the multiple choice questions.

I wasn't this concerned about my CQA, but I audit on a regular basis. The theory and management elements of the CMQ/OE are less familiar to me.
Thank You Amanda for joining me. 
Thanks Michael for providing detail of the CMQ/OE exam. That was very valuable tip you have share with us specifically for easy questions. One more think I like to know, how long it took to get exam result.

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You're right.  It's not immediate since there's the essay portion.  You'll get results in about 3 weeks.  Good luck!  
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Yogini Patel‍ did you take the exam yet?

Hi Amanda,

Yes I did take the exam for CQI, I have not received the results though.



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Amanda Foster 1083
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Valerie Hunt‍, great! What did you think? Was this your first certification exam?

Yes, my first certification.

When I left the testing center, I wasn’t sure if I had passed the test or not. A person really needs to concentrate on the wording of the question as to understand how to calculate for the answer. In my case the study course was necessary!

 I passed and am very happy.



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I took the CMQ/OE exam in November and passed. 

Things I wished I would have known:
The essay questions in the US are answered on the computer.  I type faster than I write, so this was a plus for me.
If you can apply PDCA the essay questions are not that bad.  Remember you do not know which three questions you will be given.
time flies by quickly, go through and answer all of the questions you can and then go back and look up the ones you don't know.

Study Material I used:
I did buy the Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Book from ASQ - it was very helpful during the test.
I also bought the Primer, Test Guide and Test Bank from Quality Council of Indiana.
I also bought the online Test Bank from ASQ.

This test is tough and you will be exhausted by the time you finish it.  Do not underestimate it, I tried to practice at least an 1 hour a night.

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Mary Simpson-Mejia‍, thank you so much for your advice. I definitely appreciate it!
I Have also gone through ASQ handbook , not cleared the exam . Then added primer in my study not clear lastly added  question Bank . revised with reference  book also.
I like to share my experience and a few tips for those who are planning to take this exam:
This exam timing is 4 hrs. and 20 minutes. Plan exam timing properly.
Essay Section:
You have 50 minutes for essay section: 20-25 minute for each question. Also, leave at least 5 minutes for review for both answers.
During the exam when I was reviewing questions in the last 2 minutes, many good ideas come up but I could not edit paragraphs. I wish I had left 5 minutes for review.
For paragraph -Prepare essay questions for the problem-solving method, improvement methodology, new project implementation, and  or change methodology. For your answer use  improvement tool e.g.  PDCD,  DMAIC or other customize method where you could state to use various problem-solving tools e.g. Pareto diagram, fishbone diagram, brainstorming method.
 Multiple choice question:
You have 1.2 minutes for each question. Try to finish minimum 55 questions per hours and wherever you have doubt flag the question to review later. 
I took 4 books but I never got a chance to open them due to poor planning on timing for each question.
Most of the multiple choice questions challenge your knowledge by applying them to real situation e.g if you are a quality manager, what would you do in this situation. Work experience defiantly helps in answering many questions. Understanding and application of CMQ body of knowledge is a very important aspect in the passing the exam. 
Spend more study time on multiple choice questions.  When you are practicing multiple choice questions review each wrong choice and understand in detail why it is wrong choice.
Reference Material for exam preparation:
For exam preparation, I had used CMQ primer and question CD, ASQ CMQ/OE handbook and ASQ question bank.  I highly recommend QCI Primer and ASQ question bank. 
Exam Result:
You are likely to receive exam result within 5 days.
I would not say this is an easy exam but defiantly you can pass by studying many hours and practicing multiple choice and essay questions. Properly planning your exam timing will increase your chance to pass the exam.
I hope these tips help in CMQ/OE exam preparation.  
Amanda Foster 1083
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Yogini Patel‍ thank you for taking the time to give us this advice!
Hello everyone, 

Im pleased to announce that i have successfully cleared my CMQ/OE exam which took place on 18/07/2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I am now motivated to do my CSSBB exam as well. can anyone guide me as to how i should go about it?

Thanks and regards,


i am starting to prepare for CMQ/OE exam , please can some one let me know where i can buy QCI primer and cd, i would appreciate if some one like to sell their used one !!