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Trish Borzon
I have a question regarding remote CQE exam calculator policy. Am i allowed to use Texas TI-30X IIS
if not is there a list of allowed calculator to refer and buy accordingly.
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Vijay Bhuvanendran Nair Goury Kutty‍ - here's what it says in the FAQ's

All computer-based exams feature a basic scientific calculator on-screen in the exam. Prometric Test Center Administrators can provide you with a hand-held basic calculator upon request.

With the introduction of tablets and palmtop computers and the increasing sophistication of scientific calculators, ASQ has become increasingly aware of the need to limit the types of calculators permitted for use during the examinations. Any silent, hand-held, battery-operated calculator with no programmable memory will be permitted. Programmable calculators tend to have graphing capabilities, the ability to store text/alphanumeric data by the input of the user, and a function (fn, F1, F2, etc.) button.

Calculators such as the Texas Instruments TI-89 or similar are absolutely not allowed because they are programmable. The examination is written so that a simple calculator will be sufficient to perform all calculations. Examinees are allowed to have a backup calculator if necessary.
Good morning, and congratulations on being a candidate to earn your CQE!

I sat for the exam in 2018, and had a similar dilemma: Look, I have this 35 year old HP calculator, it is programmable, I can wipe it, and this is the calculator I have imprinted myself on. It is RPN logic, and for me, that means I can operate it FAST.

In the end, I took the path of low risk and bought one on the approved list. My exam calculator for this one was the Casio, FX-260 SOLAR II. This modest, yet capable algebraic and scientific function calculator can be purchased online or at your office supplies big box store for near $20.
Get an approved calculator right away.
Learn how to use it, with the long complex equations from your study materials.
Then, at the exam, you are ready, and minimize your surprises.

Good luck!
--John Saporta
Hello Trish Borzon‍ .
Thanks for your reply. My exam was scheduled for today but it got cancelled due to some technical issues at Proproctor. I was not able to hear their audio. I offered to try with my other laptop, but they said it cannot solve the issue at the technical issue is at their end. The agent on screen said i will get communication on next steps.

Do you know, what will be the next steps?

Thanks John Saporta‍ for your inputs and whishes.
You said "I took the path of low risk and bought one on the approved list"
Can you share me the approved list of calculators? Sorry i couldn't find it by myself. Thanks in advance.
Trish Borzon
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Vijay Bhuvanendran Nair Goury Kutty‍ - I'm sorry to hear that! I talked to the Cert team, the problem has now been resolved and you'll have to reschedule. I'll let you know if you have to take an action to do that or if we contact you.

again...I'm so sorry this happened to you.