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Hello all,
I passed the CSSGB in early December 2020, and am still waiting for my certificate to arrive due to living outside the US. 
Could someone please let me know what the certificate looks like, as the PDF version of the letter and certificate that has been sent to me via snail mail is simply a white piece of paper with no ASQ logo or anything else?

Thanks in advance,
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I just checked the certificate I received for the CMQ/OE from 2018.  It was a white piece of paper, no logo. I'm looking at it hanging on the wall, not very flashy.
That's slightly dissapointing, especially due to how expensive the exam is.  Other examing bodies include their logos and also colour the certificate to match the belt you have obtained. People initially thought it was a fake when I showed them the PDF.  :-)
Trish Borzon
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Hi Scott Keatinge‍ - I see that it was sent in early December & it should be there by now. Please send a note to the cert team at cert@asq.org - they'll confirm you address & send out another.
Sorry about that!

Hi Trish Borzon‍ ,

I have already been in touch with them, and they said that if it doesnt arrive within the next few weeks to contact them again.

Could you please enlighten us as to why the certificate does not include ASQ's logo and that it isnt even signed by anyone from ASQ, because all the PDF copy has is black writing mentioning the qualification name, my name, date of exam and my ID? I ask this because all certificates I have received from other vendors all have this information and some have much more, in fact other LSS certificate vendors issue coloured certificates that match the belt you have just passed.

Kind regards,
Trish Borzon
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Hey Scott Keatinge‍ - The logo, signature, and Pretty things are preprinted on the paper stock. So the pdf doesn't show them. The physical copy looks much better :D
Hello Trish Borzon‍, thats great to hear. I cannot wait to see it in real life. :-)
Trish Borzon‍ It's now been over ten weeks and I still have not received my certificate, so I have sent a chasing email to the certificate team. :-(
I could literally drive to the US and back in less time. :-)
Hi Scott,
I had some challenges receiving my black belt certificate, in my case the certificate was sent to a previous home address, you may want to double check your address. I received it pretty fast once my address was corrected (outside of the US), with COVID you may want to include some margins. All the best of luck with receiving your certificate.
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Hi Scott Keatinge‍ - I know the cert team did reach out to you. Since we're all working remotely, we can only send through regular mail - which is terribly behind still! It you need it for verification you can have people/employers check on our Cert registry https://asq.org/cert/registry (I found you!) Hope this helps - and again...sorry for the long delay in getting your certificate.
Hi Trish Borzon‍ No problem. I am hoping that it will get here either by the end of March/April.
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Scott Keatinge‍ - I'll keep my fingers crossed! If not....maybe I can fly to Germany - hahaha
Good news. ASQ sent me my certificate again last week, this time utilising DHL Express, which arrived on Friday.
I can honestly say that it was worth the wait, as the paper quality used is far superior than any certificate I have received in the past two years from other vendors.
I have attached a scanned copy so everyone can see what to expect from an ASQ CSSGB certificate (I do not know why the PDF version they sent me was totally white with just words though, as my scan is in full colour and has captured all details). CSSGB.pdf
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Trish Borzon
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Scott Keatinge‍ - YEAH! Glad you finally received it :D