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Dears ASQ Lovers

I need your help and advice since I tried two times to pass Six Sigma black belt but I failed  

first time 93/150    , second 101/150 

I read the BOK main book , I solved a lot of sampled questions  but no used 

from the analysis report I have weakness in the Team management  and Analysis phases  

Please advice for more resources ( simple explanations , tricks and sample exams )  so I can improve my self

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Have you attempted the Green Belt exam?  That has less stringent requirements, but would be constructive toward the Black Belt exam.
The concepts and utilizations of "teams" varies around the world.  The structure and leadership principles in your country and past work experiences may be significantly different then the current American concepts.  In other certification preparations classes, i tell the participants to "discard" much of their work experiences and focus very specifically on the methods prompted by ASQ.  All ASQ certification have some level of Teams BOK.  Perhaps you can get your hands on the materials available via ASQ or Quality Council of Indiana for the CQIA and/or CMQ/OE and the most extensive discussion about teams.

Other members can advise you much more on the Analyze BOK than i am able to. 
     PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE... especially formulas and calculator key sequences.   
The analysis phase is one of the tougher phases because of the statistics....  Do you have a strategy that you pursue during the exam? For example answer only the questions that you know the answer to in round one. And round two answer the questions where you know the answers are in your reference materials. Round three work on problems that involve calculations. Etc. Doing this will prevent you from consuming a lot of time early in the exam on problems and then having to rush through the remainder of the exam.

For the statistical problems, you should know when to use each of the tools. You should be able to know the following without looking it up and without hesitation. If you have a continuous y and a discrete x what tool do you use? If you have a continuous y and a continuous x what tool do you use? If you have a discrete x and a discrete y what tool do you use? If you have a continuous x and a discrete why what tool do you use?

You only have a few minutes per question so the exam will not ask you to work many problems completely from start to finish. However they may give you the partially solved equation and want you to fill in the remainder of the information from the given content.

​​​​​​Also I have found it useful to replicate problems that I have solved with statistical software manually in order to verify that I understand the calculations.
The best way to understand how this works is to actually do it in real life!

Good luck with your next attempt. 
I don't think so Dear Daniel , As I submitted a project for this certification , and I will not change , I know that Green belt is easier , but I need to try 
Many Thanks John for your advice 
Many Thanks Joseph for your advice 
Yes, Quality Council of Indiana has a primer that can be very helpful.
Back when I took my CQE I had to temporarily unlearn a lot of what we did at work to pass that test.
Agree with many of the responses thus far, there may be some instances where more than one answer might make sense based on real world experiences, but identifying the best answer based on ASQ BOK is needed.  Have you purchased the CSSBB question bank to help in your studies? Link below, I found this extremely helpful, took it several times (with many times different questions cycling through each time) and made flash cards out of all the questions posed to also help study offline as well.  I found this extremely helpful in preparing.  Out of all the resources I gathered, it was the best money I spent in my opinion. 

Best of luck on your next exam, you'll get there!