Green Belt Certification - How close does the real test match the question banks?
I'm currently signed up to take the CSSGB test in June.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this.  I don't have a "math" brain and I"m very challenged with all the statistical applications.  I did an internal Lean SIx Sigma course within my company and became certified but we all know that Lean is different than the traditional Six SIgma certification.  I hired a Master Black Belt tutor who used to advise for ASQ for many years.  We are reviewing the question banks together and finding there are quite a number of errors and wrong answers.  The pass rate for this test is also pretty pathetic at a 64%.  It sounds like the few people that are left who actually put this test together are making this test more difficult than it needs to be based on feedback I'm getting from master black belts.  Some of the questions popping up in the question banks are too difficult for a green belt to answer and is material that shouldn't even be covered until the black belt level.  From what I hear, ASQ is in need of a lot of "refreshing" across the board.  My grumbles aside, I'm already committed to this test so complaining about how they set it up is pointless now (but I still had to vent).  My overall question - is the real test harder, easier or comparable to the test question banks?  Will the questions be similar or completely different? I've already spent sooooo many hours studying and paying a tutor.  A 64% pass rate is really discouraging.  Thanks in advance for any insight you guys have. 
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No insights from anyone that has taken the Green Belt test?  I'd really love some help here :)
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During the exam you would be expected to have brought your own reference materials/books.

That being said, asking someone to calculate control limits by hand in today's world of computer software seems a bit bizarre.
Right, in reality Green Belts are not calculating this by hand.

I have two references materials - the handbook and the CSSGB primer.  Neither of them list out a d2 table for my reference. 
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I looked at the Handbook on Amazon and it looks like Appendix J should have what you need.
Ahh thx!
My overall question - is the real test harder, easier or comparable to the test question banks?
CSSGB Primer page XII-12 has d2 for n = 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25.
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Since for a GB exam there are likely a lot of questions for which there is clearly one right answer (that's the advantage of math questions) perhaps the best advice is for you to be really familiar with the references you have so you can look up things quickly.  Many people use a lot of page marker stickers to help this.

And a 64% pass rate for a certification exam is not unusual.  They aren't intended to certify people who are new to the material, but instead those who have several years of experience (ergo the experience & education requirements to take the exam).  This means test takers would ideally already be well versed in much of the BOK.
Hi guys - my last ditch attempt to find anyone that can let me know if you can compare the Green Belt question banks to the real test...can anyone answer?  Thanks!
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Hi Lisa Batschelet‍ - there are a couple of other discussion which reference the question banks. 

I'm tagging a couple people who might have some insights, although not necessarily on the Green Belt -
 Jessica Vallecillo‍, Amanda Foster‍ - could you let Lisa know how the question banks compare to the actual exam.  
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Lisa Batschelet‍ I only have experience with the CQA exam. I found the exam to be more difficult, but that was more due to the written answer section which is no longer a part of the exam. I used the question bank as my primary study tool and passed the exam on the first attempt. My personal belief is that the question bank is a valuable study tool, but the exam is indeed more difficult. I do believe that the questions in the question bank are developed by the same team that develops the exam. I hope my answer is helpful.
Thanks for the insight.  I was afraid that may be the case - that the test is harder.
Have you used the Quality Council of Indiana Primers before? I have used them for all three of my certifications and they are a huge help.

Thanks, I have the primer as well.  I've spent more time focusing on the test bank questions but have shifted focus to the primer questions.  Those questions are harder to me.