Who has taken the CSQP exam recently and what are your thoughts about it?  I plan on taking the exam in June and I want to know if anyone took the CSQP prep course before taking the exam. 


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Hi Bob, 

I took the CSQP exam last June myself. I also took the prep course in Jan 2019 as an introduction to the material. It was a basic discussion of the topics and I found it didn't delve too deeply into application, more just discussing definitions and skimming the surface of how those ideas work in the real world. However, this was still helpful for test review and getting my arms around the material. Where I really found the value in the course was talking to my fellow students and hearing about their supplier successes and struggles and how they apply these concepts in their workplace. That was fascinating and gave me lots of new ideas to implement in my own process. Overall, I would say it was a worthwhile investment of time. 

Also, in addition to the CSQP Handbook and my CQPA Handbook, I used the CSQP Question Bank heavily when preparing for the test and found it extremely helpful. It was great practice for the actual test. 

Good luck! I hope it goes well for you!

Robert, I took a prep course before last year and it served me enough at least for self-confidence. But actually I failed my exam.. but it also was an opportunity for me to start working alternatively with fxtm.