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I am preparing for My CQE exam. I am using "The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook" and "Quality Council of Indiana CQE Primer". Please let me know other sources of material, which I can use to study for my exam (August 2018). Any question banks which can help me to gain confidence and give a taste of the exam. Your help is highly appreciated.

Pratik Khurana
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I believe that you have selected two of the most valuable references in preparing for the the ASQ CQE examination.  You can gauge your current comprehension of the body of knowledge by reviewing the ASQ CQE Question Bank and then again after you complete your self study. Also suggest that you look at the practice exams on  the ASQ website. Would also recommend a classroom or online refresher course but is not necessary if you have the self discipline to study on your own. 

Hi Pratik

Having served on the CQE exam committee for years, I often coach and mentor people seeking certification so I will share my thoughts. First while I will agree the QCI books are excellent resources, I strongly caution on using these as a primary resource. As they are not listed on the recommended references list for the CQE exam. And those are the references from which the exam questions are derived.
I suggest looking at the BoK and determining which areas you feel you are not the strongest in and then select those references from the ASQ book list for the exam.

Best of luck

Dr. Will LaFollette CQE, SSMBB 


Nice! I just hope I am also able to find more MBE Practice Questions online. My exam is this year and I still have enough time to go through some more papers for my practice. I am glad there are forums and blogs that help in keeping a person updated with all the papers and study materials.
Amanda Foster
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Hello Pratik Rajiv Khurana‍!

I have used two of ASQ's online Question Banks for certification exam preparation. Have you tried the one for the CQE yet?


Best wishes on a successful exam!

Hello Amanda,

Yes, I tried the ASQ CQE online question bank. I practiced all 3 sets of the questions.

I passed the CQE earlier this year and used QCI as my primary source followed by the ASQ-CQE handbook.  The reference material listed by ASQ is somewhat overkill in terms of what you need for passing the exam, its great for growing your knowledge as a Quality Engr..  Also, if you have practical experience in being a Quality Engineer, that's far more useful vs. simply looking at books.  Hope this helps and good luck with the exam!
Do the exam questions reference the section number or title?
I'm preparing for the CQE exam.  Is it necessary for the exam to purchase ANSI ASQC Z1.4 and ANSI ASQC Z1.9?  In the practice exams there have been a number of questions making use of these.